Our Staff

  • Christine
    Office Manager / Insurance Billing

    'I have been the Office Manager/Billing/Receptionist since 2003. Dr. Killian has helped my family and me in so many ways! He has helped me overcome the pain, fatigue and dizziness from Fibromyalgia and the pain from Scoliosis. Chiropractic and massage reduces my stress, keeps my immune system strong and I am still able to work out and exercise.  My whole family gets adjusted and it has helped them with allergies and asthma, A.D.H.D., preventing colds, infections and the flu, all of the falls and strains of sports and herniated discs.  My favorite part of working here is seeing firsthand how chiropractic changes people’s lives when interference is removed and the body is able to heal itself.'

  • Maggie
    Chiropractic Assistant / Receptionist

    I first started coming to get adjusted by Dr. Killian when I was about 6 with my friend and his family who were regular patients at Cornerstone Chiropractic and since being hired have continued getting adjusted now. Previous to my return to Cornerstone I was dealing with all sorts of neck and upper back pain which has been eased greatly by regular treatment with Dr. Killian. 

    The environment in the office is always happy and I love being a member of our ever-growing family here. It is my hope that God continues to bless our practice here and the people a part of it. 

  • Lydia
    Chiropractic Assistant / Receptionist

    I have really loved getting to see how chiropractic care helps bring healing for people. I have always had an interest in medical care that doesn’t rely completely on medication and working here has shown me a lot about how the body can heal itself when it is taken care of from the inside out.


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